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Hi, we are Simplado

We help brands get more attention on social media


Social Audience Growth & Engagement

Boost brand awareness and visibility across your social channels & community.

  • Strategy (Content, Profile, Audience)

  • Audience Growth: Followers, Views

  • Interactions: Likes, Comments, Sharing

  • Engagement: Rewards,Contests, Giveaways, Airdrops, Promotions, Quizzes, Tournaments

  • Inviting & Sharing

  • Collaborations & Partnerships

  • Analytics and reporting

Influencer & Ambassador Management

Your customers follow recommendations from social influencers & creators on popular platforms:

Insta, FB, YT, Rumble, Twitter, TikTok, TG, Discord, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Kick.

We can help you build and manage influencer and ambassador relations to achieve your goals

  • Influencer Marketing Program

  • Strategy and Campaign planning

  • Influencer research

  • Outreach Templates

  • Negotiations and recruitment

  • Campaign Management

  • Performance analytics & optimization

Community Engagement & Retention

We can help you with community growth and retention, improving LTV

  • Strategy & Content Planning

  • Engagement activity

  • Retention - Rewards & Loyalty Programs

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